Every day is a new day

By Mr.Kamol Homklin (Thailand)

Now, it’s the third week that we spent time in Missoula, Montana. Even its just three weeks, but seem like a long time, its not because of we were bored but we have learned a lot from several programs both in Missoula and outside. There are many people asked to me about my life here because they know that we have a busy schedule, and I always answered them that Im very enjoy because every day is a new day. The reason that I answered to all of them like that because every day is very happy and interesting.

I met many people both formal and informal event; sometime we discussed for the serious topic but its couldn’t make us bore because we learned and share the good experience to each other. For my understanding I can divide for this program about what I learned for four main parts; Mansfields class, fellowships class, homestays class, and travellings class. All four classes are usefully. First, Mansfields class, I learned many experiences from the speaker; we could spend a long time all day to listen, share, and discuss in the class because the speakers are expert. Second, fellowships class, this is the special class for us to learn how the nonprofit organizations here worked. The host fellowship took us to many places and also they made an appointment for us to meet and talk to important person that useful to our work. Third, homestays class, even just two weeks that we spent time with the American family but its a great time. I learned more about American culture and also I could improve my English with them in the same time. Every day with them we cooked, talked and shared our own experience among our each country. And fourth, travellings class; we were very enjoying with this class. All the trips brought us to the interesting places. We both traveled to visit the beautiful places and met with the important person to get more information that could make clearly understanding to the United State.

The wonderfulness of this program made me enjoy till forgot tiredness. This is the special of this program, so every day is a new day.


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