By: Ngoc Lan_from Vietnam

Hi my Dear,

Well, I am glade to know that I still have a change to share with you my feeling on this fantasic program.

I knew this program via my friend. She told me this program very usefull for my work and my task and I should apply this program. First thing I thought, I didn’t feel confidence, but I also thought, I could try to apply. Finally, I am one of the representatives of Vietnam to joint this program. I feel wonderfull that I can do.

During thhe time in Missoula, joining all activities of Mansfield center, I have “recieve without money” “many gifts” for myself. And with this blog, I would love to share with you what I “recieve” from here.

The first gift I receive sure I never forget, the lecture on the US government, the role of the citizenry with an emphasis on the balance of power between the Legislative, Judicial and Excutive branches. Could you imagine, only one and half hours, the US political system picture is portraying with simple way. What impressed me is all of our questions on US political system are answered, which is not really available in other country.

The second gift I receive is Civic engagement. There are a lot of NGO with funding resource from individual. The Montana Women Vote has to share with us, each people could donate $40 – $50 for their organization. And they also have more than 100 volunteers willing to participate in their organization. My feeling is civic engagement in here so wonderfull, they are willing to contribute their time, their funding and their passion to community.

The third gift I receive is friendliness. We had change to meet The Public Defender in Missoula, judges in the district court and justice court. They are willing to share their experiences for us, as well as provide what information we want to learn. The friendliness in communication, erudition and goodwill is what we touching.

The friendliness, erudition also have been affirmed when we have the opportunity to meet with Montana Dept. of Public Health and Human Service; Montana Lieutenant Governor Angela Mc Lean; Mr Adam Schafer, Senior Advisor to Governor Steve Bullock. With sharing from Ms Jessica Rhoades, Montana Dept. of Public Health and Human Service, we feel the passionate and responsibility of people here with community, with mission “Improve and protect the health, well-being and self-reliance of all Montanans”.

We are very impressed with the meeting with Ms Angela Mc Lean và Mr Adam Achafer. They are sharing their experience in subject “How NGOs in Montana work with the state government”. With 10 years experiences working with NGO, Mr Adam Achafer recomment that, NGOs should be actively and establish close relationships with government agencies, to make cooperation between NGOs and government agencies will be better.

The fourth gift I receive is inclusion. 2 weeks in my host family with diffirence cultural, language, seemed unalbe to link together. Infact, we understand each other day by day, like family. I cook some Vietnamese traditional food, such as spring roll and noodles (we call that is Miến gà), important foods in Vietnamese Tet’s Holliday. After looking what I did, my host famiy could do this meal with the same taste with US ingredients. That’s amazing!

The inclusion also comes to us, who’s come from different country. Speding time to study together, joining activities together, we are closer and closer. Now we are one family with 14 members. That is wonderful!

Today, we have so many activities in Helena, such as Meeting with Montana Dept. of Public Health and Human Service; Montana Lieutenant Governor Angela Mc Lean; Mr Adam Schafer, Senior Advisor to Governor Steve Bullock; visit Montana’s museum, joining party of Mr Scott, Director of ACLU, having diner with Mr John Rogers, Montana’s Chief Business Officer of the Governor’s Officer of Economic Development in Helena. And we also have amazing time to stay together.

Onbehalf of myself, I would like to thanks to the Mansfield center to make me have this great opportunity, thank you all, my other fellow. I really love this country and love you too.

I will continue share to you my feeling at onother time.


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