Do you want to build a snowman?

By Ms.Kaewta Sangsuk, Thailand

After two weeks I’ve observed around town. With the kind support from Susan Hay Patrick and crew at the United Way, I realized how lucky I am. I’ve had a chance to meet and talked with many important people from different organizations and attended many meetings in town, which I am not able to do that without their help. I’ve attended the small meeting such as in-house planning up to the city planning. These help me to gain more understanding about Missoula.

It is very excited to know how many non-profit organizations (NGO) exist in town, and everyone is trying very hard to achieve their goal and mission, in order to make the town safe and people are having a good quality of life. With the social structure and system that US government is not be able to provide all kinds of service but NGO and private sector are involved at this point, to implementing some specific services in various issues, such as shelter for homeless and children, environment, organic agriculture, education, and hospital. Therefore NGO is playing an important role to fulfill the gap in US society.

A good relationship between organizations and staff are having a significant impact on their success as a networking. Just like the Yellowstone trip of us. It is collaboration between Mansfield Center of University of Montana, Community Food and Agriculture Coalition and Clark Fork Coalition. We’ve learned many things about river, dam, forest, Yellowstone’s Hydrothermal Features and wild life, also enjoy many activities on the way to Yellowstone National Park.

This is our first time to see snow and build the snowman. We were so excited since we knew from the forecast that the weather will be bad, with 32 F or 0 C, we might see snow or rain at Yellowstone. While we sat in the car and looked at the mountain, we got closer and mountain looks bigger, and temperature was decreasing. We knew exactly that we’ll have a chance to walk on the snow, and yes, we did! Once the car parked, all of us just ran into the wood, we enjoyed taking photo in the snow field. Some ate snow, some built snowman, and some started the snowball fight. Almost an hour we spent time enjoying snow, and then we head to hot spring which we saw the amazing hydrothermal features.

I’d like to thank our drivers – Bonnie Buckingham and Barbara Chillcott for their patience. I know that we will not be able to take over 2,000 photos without their kindness and we appreciated it a lot. Tomorrow, we will go visit waterfall and hot spring pool. Just stay tuned!


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