Exciting to Glacier and Garden of 1,000 Buddhas

Minitta (Bee), Laos

Our fellow friends were very exciting to see snow because we never see it in our countries such as: Laos, Thailand, Myanmar(Burmar), Vietnam, and Cambodia. We learned from a Non-Profit – Association about how they work on management the Glacier National park with goverment side.

After we checked in at a hotel in White fish, we together went to have dinner in a Japanese called SUSHI GRILL, the waitress served Washabi and Kimchi first. During we were waiting food, we talked. We wait a little bit long time for food and many people feel hungry. One of my friend, he ate much Washabi then he feel super hot because he tought it was Green Tea ice-cream!

On the return trip to Missoula, we visitted Garden of 1,000 Buddhas, I was suprised that there’re a Buddhish temple in the Missoula, and some American people they also respect and believe in Buddhish.


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