The best way of culture exchange , US and Southeast Asia

SI THU LIN a.k.a Freddy From Myanmar

I had never used to be cooking Burmese style fish curry with "Tilapia Fish" .
But now i had cook for my host family .
I am not good in conversation and public relation to someone else but i just keep looking for what is the best way to communicate with anyone , especially U.S People .Because we’re came from another part of the world .

One fine Saturday Morning , my home-stay family took me from their home to farmer market that one of famous hangout activity of missoula. On the record ,The Farmer market is one of best things to do 25 in Missoula . It’s started in Spring Season to Fall Season at that time weather is so nice in missoula. Every goods and items are fresh , organic and farmed by the local farmer then we bought some vegetables and tasted some local meal for breakfast. when i was in there , i noticed that some of Asia people were selling vegetables in this farmer market and feeling i am in the world village because I’ve seen Asian and European at the same time. Yes! the world is become as a Village.

As a representative of my country , i do not want to be feel depressed by weak of communication .because i assumed that i had responsibility to share about our culture and our people. So that i was thinking the best way to communicate and culture exchange with U.S people and me.

Cooking and Tuning

For me , Cooking is not my first experience but visiting to United State is the first time in my life and tried to catch which is the best one for tuning . In Missoula , people are love to eat organic food and healthy meal. When i stay with my host family , we are sharing our interested and activities to be more close each other in our space. All of our same interest is Cooking and taste new foods . Finally i found the way to be tune up within me and my host family .

"For me , Cooking is an expression of the land where you are and the culture of that place." – Wolfgang puck ( American celebrity chef)

That day evening , I prepared Burmese Style Meal for my host family for dinner .Noticed that In missoula , we can not get every ingredients like our country but at that time you need to have improvisation and creative skills . I created as Burmese style menu that Potato and Onion Tempura with Lemon Source ( it’s Burmese Food and also Burmese Snacks ) , Kachin Style Tilapia Fish Curry ( It’s normally curry of ethnic from northern part myanmar ) , Kidney Bean and Onion Salad ( it’s typical curry for middle part of myanmar ) , cabbage and carrot mixed a fired vegetables . For this meal , we did together and i also explained that how our people usually eat for meal and shared about our people’s different culture and ethnics .I’m sure cooking is bringing our soul and mind together. While we were having dinner , we had a good time for sharing and learning each others by tasting meal. i knew that we already build mutual understanding in this way. Then I got appreciation from my host family that they liked my dishes.

People said "If you want to get to know someone, take a trip with them"
but i want to suggest that "if you want to get to know different culture of different people , take a meal with them"


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