By: Ngoc Lan_from Vietnam

“Do ya, do ya, wanna wanna wanna wanna, do you wanna come on down to the city of Missoula? On a summer day, the Clark Fork River’s gonna cool ya …”. As the content of the song“The Missoula song”, of singer Jewer, Missoula is a very beautiful city, beautiful scenery and beautiful culture as well.

I have been here 2 weeks so far. And I miss my family, miss 2 my sons so much. I embarked on studying, trying to mingle with my friends, other fellows to less homesickness though many differences culture, lifestyle and language restrictions. Admittedly, the first week we had a lot of activities to learn about the history, culture and political system of this beautiful city. I learned a lot of things here; people are friendly, love animals, love art and especially, love trees.

If the first week I learned general knowledge of Missoula, political systems, economic conditions and society, than this week, I learned a lot about human and culture of Missoula. I and Suavana have the chance to study, like internship in "The American Civil Liberties Union" (ACLU). ACLU has offices in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington DC, and brings together the country’s largest team of public interest lawyers, lobbyists, communication strategists, and members and activists to advance equality, fairness, and freedom, especially for the most vulnerable in society. Here we had the opportunity to explore and learn experience from our coordinator and other staffs in ACLU in some fields such as sustainable management organizations; conflict solving within the organization; fundraising skills …These themes are truly fascinating, the knowledge and skills they share is useful for us and we can use the knowledge and skills in organization sustainable managing.

Yeah, I want to spend this paragrap to tell you about where I am writing this blog. I am staying in Larry and Anita home, my host family. Larry is the Dean of the Journalism School at the University of Montana. Anita is a journalist as well. That is wonderfull house on the top of Lincoln Hill, and it is likes a villa (in my feeling) in the forest, so wonderfull. Before I came here, I thought I cannot inclusive with them and I also thought they don’t like Vietnamese people. With my English so bad and so ‘crazy”, I am not sure I could take conversation and delivery what I want to talk to them… And I also wonder does the life culture in American like something I watched from movies? I am so syly and embarrassed. But, when I came their home, every thing are changing and changing. We spend all the time we have to talk together as much as we can. They also teach me American pronunciation as well as I teach them Vietnamese language. We cook together (American food and Vietnamese food), watched movier together as well. With one week stay with them, I realize, the life culute here is not like what I watched on movies. They are friendly, sincerity, kindly, and “so sweet”. With their behavior make me feel I am staying in my home. I greatly admire them. And exactly, I am gona be miss them so much. Today is wonderfull day for me with many activities, like go to the Famer market in the morning and go to fishing in the afternoon with my host family and their friend. That is amazing! So for me, if I have more another chance, I will comeback here. The content of the song “The Missoula song” is a true story about Missoula “Do ya, do ya, wanna wanna wanna wanna, do you wanna come on down to the city of Missoula? On a summer day, the Clark Fork River’s gonna cool ya …”. If you want to listen this song, this is the link:


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