Impressing in amazing Missoula, Montana

Minitta (Bee), Laos

The U.S.A is a country where many people want to visit and I am one of those people. This is my first time to the U.S.A, I have been in Missoula for two weeks so far because of YSEALI exchange program. There are a lot of people used to tell me that the Culture and livelihood of the American people are very difference with ASEAN people.

But…they are not! people in Missoula are very nice and down to earth this was very suprised to me. My other 13 friends and I have learned culture and livelihood of American people so far. And we visitted some Non-Profit Organizations, learned and sharing a lot of challenging of our work between two regions.

One more highlight I would love to tell, there are some voulunteers of PEAS Farm, they are from University of Montana, during we were planting onion together in the farm, I saw some them ate onion with root and dirt. It was around at 11:45 am, I thought they might be hungry, I looked at them and they gave me try some, I was funy myself I ate it! After lunch, there were new volunteers came, we took weed out from carrot gardend together, I took small carrot with root and dirt, then I was trying dig soil to re-plan it but a student told me that, " you can eat" I did not eat, then I gave her, after that she said, Ah! it is so sweed!

Oh my goodness! this is Amazing Missoula!


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