A wonderful meaning of VOLUNTEER..

By: Kassirin Phiboon, Thailand.

"Volunteer need"

I often to see "Volunteer need" that put on the website or other media of a non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for help their work and also include my organization that focus work on a sustainable agriculture with small scale farmers and green consumers.

People who are serve themselves to be a volunteer that they did a great thing that have meaningful to help people for people. And How its a wonderful meaning if they are connect, work and develop their community to have more participation. In Missoula, I have opportunities to visit many places where are support or work for community and I found that most of people are pay some time of their work to work as a volunteer to help their community especially in food security system that interesting for me such as a connection between university, school, NGOs network and consumers who are support organic products or good food in community to have more participation, creative and organize in each activity by themselves. And its very useful for me for apply this idea to my work and sharing with farmers network and green consumers network.

And I have some photo that related the meaning of volunteer that chicken stand for a volunteer to help farm system to control weed, insects and give chicken manure to make compost to farm that stand for community to have a sustainable community.


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