I can do it…the way in Missoula

Sawasdee Krub or Hello, sawasdee is the Thai word that mean hello and Krub is the word that just use for a man, so if you are a woman you should say Kha.

My name is Kamol Homklin or you can call me Tom. Thank you so much for a very good opportunity for me to be here, Missoula, I have learned a lot here even its just a week that we were here. Fist week, all of the fellows stayed at Holiday Inn Downtown, it’s a very good place to relax and we can make a party in a room among our group for sometimes. But, after past a week we must move to different places to stay with host family. I feel like sad because between weeks that we stayed together in the hotel, we were very happy and as you know the people in Southeast Asia can make friend very fast, because we have the same culture, food, and so on, so when we spread it seem like culture shock again.

On Monday, it’s the first day with host coordinator and host family. I feel exited because I cannot image how is there. Erika came to take I and my mate from Mynmar , Zin Mar Myint, she took us to her organization, Missoula Independence. It’s a very good place to work, she explained to us about her organization, so we learned a lot and we’ve got a good experience. Until the evening, I feel a little alone again, it’s time to go to the host family’s house. My host, Josh Slotnick came to take me to his house. Josh and his wife, Kim have a farm, they do organic agriculture system, so this is a good luck for me to learn from them.

Until in the morning, Josh gave me one bicycle to take for work and he drew the map for me. I left from home around 09.00 am and we have an appointment with Mr.Clem Work at Le Petite Coffee Shop on 10.00 am for talking about the experience of Journalism. I drove the bike with Josh’s map but when I drove about 10 minutes the situation become bad, I missed the way and I said to myself “how should I do” …. “here is not Thailand”. I drove on the way go and back, turn left and turn right for along times until it’s nearly to get an appointment time, so I’m very worry, I called to Zin but she did’t accept, and unlucky, I forgot to bring the telephone of Erika with me, So I called to Kelsey for asked her number and then I called to Erika to let her know that I missed the way and she directed me how to go to coffee shop. Unexpectedly, there many people called to me at that time. Kaewta, Phalla and also Josh called to me, so it’s very busy in the same time between I drove the bike and missed the way on the road and I’m so tired I want to cry but I Said to myself “I can do it….I can do it” “I’m the young leader of Asean countries, there are many people waiting for me in Thailand” and I talked to myself for many words.

Until Zin called me, but the time was to late, so I missed the, I’m very sad, but I learned a lot from my bicycle driving. In the evening I can get the home with my own, it mean I can do it….the way in Missoula, next time I will not miss it at all.

Kamol Homklin


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