About our Sunday

By Siliphaithoun Xayamoungkhoun (Tok), Lao PDR.

It has been a week already that we are in Missoula, many blogs have been written with joys and experiences. Our friendships and relations among fellows are increasingly strong, we are united and solidarity…what a great team! So, we decided to go shopping today. Despite our unity, personal desire is much more powerful, we split out here and there in stores, hours and hours with no fatigue, I could say we bough almost types of things that they have …let’s say, it’s to explore a culture how American spend their money.

Heading back to the hotel in late afternoon, sharing our happiness was essential thus a little drinking party was set at a room of our fellows (thanks guys for that). We had early dinner and drank together; it was a calm and tidy party that I ever have…no nasty for sure! It lasted less than an hour before everyone went back to their room for preparing to go out for next mission to night.

It’s time for a real cultural exploration! Shrek the Musical at Missoula Community Theater, we were so exciting to see a live performance and being witnesses of this awesomeness! Thanks Deena for arranging the first and second rows for us, it was so close that we almost saw the performers’ hair! No matter where you sit, you can feel their energies and feelings, that’s amazing! Great job guys! But not only entertainment that we received, I have learned that how people, adults and children are interested in cultural events and how they support the community, I can see a long list of donators sticking on the wall which inspire me a lot how it could work in my country. Moreover, the visibility and engagement of NGOs are countless. I hope that everyone reads my blog until here and I should stop now. See some of our photos as a prove J.


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