“Where flowers bloom so does hope!” (By Lady Bird Johnson)

By Nguyen Hue Phuong – Vietnam

Spring is coming in Missoula when I started my journey to USA. My first impression is that flowers are everywhere with various colors, shapes, scents, and sizes. I love to walk along the Clark Fork River bank, the Kiwanis Park and the Campus of University of Montana to explore many beautiful spaces… Everything is shine and looks like to give us a warmly welcome to Missoula as people from here. I remember the famous quote by Lady Bird Johnson “Where flowers bloom so does hope”. I guess that all participants when come to USA bring their own hopes to share experiences, learn new things and develop long term partnership. And with this atmosphere and the friendly of people from Missoula I believe that we not only gain all our hopes but also we will have many different things to bring back to our home country. YSEALI always make our life change in positive way.

Well, I should to start to tell you about the wonderful Saturday for all participants. The keywords are Smile, Shopping and Community.

Smile: Today Ms. Suzy Hampton, Kelsey and Mercedes gave us an opportunity to go to many garage sales of different neighbourhood as well as the Good Will ( Second hand Store). As usual, people are very friendly and they were always smile with us. We feel very comfortable and happy to talk and bargain to buy stuff with local people.

Shopping: Woa, all participants bought many things from garage sales and the Good Will. We found many good stuff like shoes, bags, glasses, books… with high quality and cheap prices. We were very satisfied after our shopping trip. Of course, I bought my new boots with very good price. Love it.

Community: I am very interested in the way they organized their garage sale. Everything is cheap and many people can come to share stuff with their neighbourhood. From my point of view, this event is not only to sell old stuff to reuse (good for environment) but also it is the good way for household to connect with other people. They can share a lot of information, their life so it contributes to bring people together to make a strong community.

One week in Missoula, time run so fast. I feel very easy to adapt a new life in Missoula. Like the lyric of Hotel Californina song “You only check out but you never leave”,it is truth that we only have 6 weeks in USA but we never forget our time here. USA and especially Montana is in our heart.

I found the website http://destinationmissoula.org with 25 things to do in Missoula. I will give it in my checklist and I believe I will do all 25 things in one month. Wait to see and I will share in my next blog. See ya!

Love from a Sunny Saturday



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