2015 YSEALI professional fellows – a new journey has just begun

Ms.Kaewta Sangsuk, Thailand

“Best of the Best” is the definition of the new group of 2015 YSEALI academic fellows. We are the only 14 fellows have been selected from the over a thousand of candidates across the ASEAN countries. Everyone has a ton of working experiences in different areas, and also has the different purposes attending this program. However, our similar main purposes are bringing back the new knowledge, methods, and skills to improve our work at the hometown; sharing our experiences and culture with fellow partners and American hosts; and creating a network across the ASEAN countries.

Physical illnesses caused by weather change, food and different time zone, and culture shock are challenging in a very personal way. Some of us are sick since arrived U.S.A., and many could not sleep well. We faced several issues of culture shock since we were flying here, immigration and custom, and here with the people in Missoula. We don’t know what behavior is prohibited and in some case we need the skills necessary to avoid it. Therefore, we need few days to adjust ourselves into the new environment and we do hope to enjoy life here.

We had started our first day with the orientation at Mansfield Center, which located in the beautiful place – University of Montana. After that, a great welcome lunch with fellows and hosts which was a good chance to meet and greet with our fellowship coordinators and host families. We’ve visited Good Food Store, a very nice place to shop a good quality of food. And end up the day with attending the Asia Montana Energy Summit: Energy Leaders for Tomorrow.

A new journey has just begun, and we are new, young, and willing to learn new things just like spring blooms. You can support and be a part of us by following this blog. We are writing and keep posting on the blog every day. So, stay tuned!


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