Bagan to Mandalay

Of the 2000+ (11th – 13h century, some older) temples still standing in Bagan, we only managed to visit a small handful. If you traveled every dirt road, path or trail radiating from the center of old Bagan you could not visit all the temples in a lifetime spent trying to visit every one. The location of some remain the closely guarded secret of those who seek prayerful solitude not flashbulbs and self-ies with the temples standing silently as convenient backdrops. There are two Bagan’s, Old Bagan and New Bagan, each with its distinct character and personality.

The economy in the Bagan region (the heart of Myanmar) is based largely on tourism and agriculture (rice, beans, pulses or lentils).

We have a little more exploring to do today then its off to Mandalay by bus (3-4 hours) for 3 days. Tun Tun has arranged for me to meet with the local President of the Mandalay Chamber of Commerce and local representatives of the Ministry of Commerce. Mandalay is the economic hub of Upper Burma and considered the center of Burmese culture. Today, Mandalay remains Upper Burma’s main commercial, educational and health center. Myanmar is contemplating the creation of a stock market for the first time. If successful, this could provide an additional vehicle for foreign investment.

In addition to the planned presentations, i’ve been asked to teach an English lesson to a group of government officials during my visit to Nay Pyi Taw later next week.

I’ll try to get a video of that to share later.



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