What a lovely morning it was in Yangon. I was up early and strolling through the park toward the Shwedagon Pagoda. The air was cool and still, fresh even. I was greeted warmly with smiles and nods by the early risers seeking quiet in the early morning.

Tun tun arrived as I was returning from my walk and we set off for breakfast of mohinga and strong sweet tea at a local tea shop.

We walked in the direction of the Shwedagon craning our necks to keep sight of the golden spire towering above all other structures, natural and man made. Tun tun toured me around the site telling stories about the history of the Shwedagon and its importance for cultural identity for many in Myanmar. We took refuge from the heat near the large bell. There we caught up on family and friends and memories from Montana.

Once refreshed, we continued through the business district toward the heart of old Yangon where the municipal functionaries and others went busily about their daily routines.

After a hearty lunch of Tom Yum and some delicious fried fish dish (and more strong tea) we booked our overnight bus to Bagan.


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