Bozeman to Yangon…non-stop

I arrived in Yangon, Myanmar (its 1:30 am here) and start meetings and visits tomorrow morning. i would post more but i’ve just spent, collectively, 19 hours on an airplane. i do have one photo to share, but I’m having trouble attaching it to this email. Its a photo of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, lit up and golden in the glow of light. I can see it through my hotel window.

I’ve prepared three separate presentations for various audiences:

1) Where is Bozeman, Montana?
2)Economic Gardening and Sector Development and

3) the structure, functions and obligations of Bozeman city government.

My visit includes meetings in Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw and a quick side trip to Bagan. I’ll get an early start tomorrow morning.

I also am scheduled to meet with staff at the U.S. Embassy, and perhaps Ambassador Mitchell himself, next week. More tomorrow…


All City of Bozeman emails are subject to the Right to Know provisions of Montana’s
Constitution (Art. II, Sect. 9) and may be considered a “public record” per Sect. 2-6-202
and Sect. 2-6-401, Montana Code Annotated. As such, this email, its sender and receiver,
and the contents may be available for public disclosure and will be retained pursuant to the
City’s record retention policies. Emails that contain confidential information related to individual privacy may be protected from disclosure under law.


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