Happy Haloween

Last night was the first time in my life to join a haloween festival in the states, well in Missoula.
Myself and Mai, were welsomed by Linda and David. We were wondering how the festival would be. Anyhow, we prepared some Snickers for Trick and Treat.
How wonderful dinner we had last night, I felt like home amd could not stop eating. We had shrimp red curry, Lao Lap pork, spicy stir-fly vegetable, and steamed rice. Only say thank you very much might not enough for the host family. I really felt I was eating at my house.

Trick and Treat festival was so cute and adorable. Children in Laos are absolutely not allow to wear such a fancy dresses with amazing makeup like here. A lot of cute bad man costumes and lady bugs.

Last night children looked curious and suspect at Mai and me. That maybe because asked for everyone names or children may thought these two asia ladies are just moved in.

At dinner, we shared some news and our experiences with Linda and Davia. Specially the retirement system in US, Thai and Laos. I wish I could more with them. I had a chance to tell them a little bit of natural resouce use in Laos. Mai and I spend three hours at Linda’s place was to short, seems we still have more things to share. Welcome to see them both in Laos sometime in near future.
until next time Trick and Treat

Noi, Somvilay


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