2 honorable hours to serve the hungers

By: Somsack Souvannalath, Laos

Just about a week before we leave Missoula to Washington D.C , I and my fellows have a chance to visit food bank in Missoula, our mission was to work as a volunteer but none of us had no idea what would it likely to be, I heard from many Montana resident people say volunteer is very important role for American culture and society, it’s regular basis to do this thing in the U.S.

However, we arrived in the morning around 9:30 , we were welcomed by a Food Bank manager, he introduced us a little bit about what is Missoula Food Bank role has been played in the recent years, who is its beneficiaries and how it became a home of hope for hunger people such as: homeless, people who lost their job, disable people and so on.

What we were assigned was to full out almost 1800 plastic bags with cereal, 14 of us were divided in 3 different groups, so the competition began, it took us hour and half to finish all of those plastic bags. We did not believe that we could go that fast but I guess just because we had a god team work. It was fun and enjoyable , but there is something behind that fun is my honor, the honor to serve people without benefit which I don’t usually do it much at home probably because of my culture and environment that I growing up with did not strongly show me anything of these charitable activities.

I realize that how much important to be volunteer even just only 2 hours but got almost 1800 of cereal done and ready to serve the hunger, I could spend my 2 hours with facebook, hang out with friends or do other stuffs for my personal interested but that values only for myself.

The consequence of this activity also brought an idea to a couple of our fellows from South East Asia who is seeking how to initiate this kind of activity back home in the future. People could say it is and ambitious dream to change and adapt this activity to our culture back home since we are so different in term of vision, though and behavior, but I think it is a good starting even it’s only an idea because I have seen many successful activity in these day started from an idea in the beginning and later on they are success.


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