All friends,

My name Orn-anong Saenyakul. Indigenous LISU peoples from Doichang, Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand.

My vision: Indigenous Economic Empowerment Thailand. Abeno coffee Doichang to International Markets.

My experiences worked with our indigenous Organizations in Development programs. I founded Economic empowerment for indigenous issue important ours peoples have owners business.

Abeno Coffee Doichang community coffee business running by my family. We have experienced marketing ln Thailand. I thinking how we can find coffee market international level to export coffee green beans.

Economic Empowerment Fellow program. Mansfield Center Montana university. This program support and exchanging on business development. I have learned and share experiences with American host family, friends. I interesting and enjoy relationships between Wife and Husband in family more take care close very good.

The America peoples have more open share experiences and thinking to work social development. I think very interesting good for the peoples.

I have share and promote our indigenous culture history and knowledge Music Dance and teaching how cook Lisu food. They interesting and have new experienced know more vegetable introduced at the Farmers. Markets.

Today we visited to the Confederate Salish and Kootenai Tribes. I interesting they have own organization college, forest, office, business, fund, to help empowerment tribal have opportunities.
Thank you very much they share experiences and knowledge.

knowledge and skills in business.
I have learning the processes business Marketing, Strategy, Planning , communication, Financial. I think all knowledge important and useful will help me to developed our coffee business to successful.

Coffee Business.
When I stay with professional and host Family all have experienced in business so I can learning process and practices how to developed proposal posters ideas market.

I have opportunities visited share experiences coffee business Whitefish, Missoula, Hamilton. I have to promote coffee from Thailand. I think very good for to have friends relationships.
They gave good information how marketing, roast coffee, Cupping, Quality and company Importer coffee and many organizations will contact for coffee business.
When I learned and have more experience,information coffee business international level go back to Thailand planning and develops good quality to export coffee my vision.

I would like to say thank you so much all Montana Economic Empowerment fellow program, Mansfield Center, Montana University. Host family, Coffee Company, Community Development Organizations, support and help us understand increased knowledge.

I hope will be more development relationships exchange fellow resource person to Asians.

Thank you.
Orn-anong Saenyakul


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