Synthesisizing Lessons Learned

Dear all,
Today is my happy day to write about the blog about the experiences from two weeks in the kalispell city. What i have learnt and gain experiences by actvities as well as belows.

All fellows arrived at the Holiday Inn and we had dinner together, it was wonderful dinner, at the same time they had a small cake for mss. Thao and me. It was very happy time for me and mrs. thao last night.

Today we had reviewed the action plan and gave comments for all the action plan that individaul countries has been draft for their activities when they return to their countries on how they learnt during three weeks in Missoula and other city and we paricipated the Professional Fellows Alunamni Reception and we dicussed the experiences and share ideas on how to support the programs.
Participated by the following:
Participated the government affair committee meeting, timber tours, kalispell chamber meeting, social meeting and tonight we had small party at my room for the 3 rd birthday party

Thank you for reading my blog.
Best regard


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