Wonderful Montana

By: Thanda Khin : Economic Empowerment Program Fellow from Myanmar

As the world becomes a village now, people go across countries easily. People are interested in visiting to famous places. I also would like to choose Montana as a place to visit.

Government body which I learnt in Montana is transparency, well organized and officials and staffs are hard working and smart. The State of Montana Governor is also smart, famous and Montana people love him and support him. The whole State is sustainably developed under a good leader. The Governor focuses on the education of young generation and economic development. Universities in Montana are also famous for good reputation and students from other States and countries study in there.

To attract investment in Montana, sale tax free is implied. Therefore, investors come and do business in there. Furthermore, tourism industry blooms and visitors not only from the State but also from the other countries enjoy shopping.

Main Street Montana Project was created in 2013 and the projects were implemented consequently. Moreover, the Governor emphasis on the development of Native American (8 Indian reservations in Montana State) and Governor Office of Indian Affairs was organized and Indian Country Economic Development Program was implemented.

Over one million people live in 147,164 sq miles (381,154 km²) of Montana State. It makes Montana people more friendly and serenely live in it. Hunting, fishing and growing vegetables are also major pleasure for Montana citizens. On the other hand, environment reservation and protection are main concerned and the natural resources are preserved in the yellow stone national park and Glacier national park. They attracted people from different place to visit again and again.

When we travel the whole long life, the moment of peacefulness, satisfaction and happiness will ever remain in our memory. For me, the moment of staying in Montana for a while will be the best part of my life. Therefore, if you have a chance, I strongly recommend that go and enjoy in wonderful “MONTANA” .
"Get Lost.(in Montana)"


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