My Visit to Bozeman

Time has given me more of a chance to understand Montana. I’ve stayed here in Bozeman nearly two weeks at my host family and Co- coordinator Mr. Brit Fontenot’s home. We are really familiar with each other by now. I already have an actual friend in Bozeman for my long life. Everything here is same as my home, in my heart.

I gained much good knowledge in nearly every sector of the City of Bozeman. I got not only City experience but also good forest experience with a stay last Saturday night in a forest service cabin. Me and Brit’s family cooked our delicious dinner with wood. It is very natural for US families. We were so happy in the cabin and returned to Bozeman Sunday morning.

Another very important experience has been touring all kinds of public facilities and departments around the City of Bozeman. I arrived in Bozeman on 13th October and I met Brit’s family. He and Kristina have two sons, Max and Remy. We started touring from 14th to 24th October. Most of the office touring was related with Brit’s work in economic development. He also works closely with other local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Museum of Rockies and other agencies in the State Capitol of Montana, Helena.

In the second week, we also visited many important offices and station at the City of Bozeman. There are “911” Emergency Center and a public fire station. We also visited Montana Instrument Corporation, maker of cryogenic devices, the City’s Water Treatment Plant where they create pure and fresh water for the public, the Law and Justice Center for police and courts facilities for public safety and the City’s Parks and Recreation Department where municipal lands are cared for and public relaxation and well-being encouraged.

Today, me and Brit toured a small part of Yellowstone National Park but the weather was no good, the snow was falling to much and it was so cold for me. I had no experience this kind of snow falling because our region is monsoon climate thus it is very strange in my mind although most of the Montana people, they didn’t seem interested in this process.

Lastly, I gained another valuable experience in my life and that is an inside look at communication within the American family and how they care their children. This is very different between our societies. I thought this is the main key point of the United States culture. United States forever forward!


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