I arrived in Kalispell for (11) days due to the Economic Empowerment Pro fellow Program. My dream from Missoula is still alive. I was scared to live in a Home Stay as I mentioned before, but my opinion has totally changed. Kalispell is different for me. The warmness of Kalispell was a surprise to me. I was welcomed warmly by my hosts; Daddy Frank and then Mommy Linda. My second host was Aunty Pam and my third host was Mister Bill and Miss Diane. My coordinator Charles Pesola has helped me by achieving my goals. Charles discusses with me, like a child as my coordinator, I have gotten the privilege to speak in University of Kalispell, Sociological Class, Social Class
, Economic class and Race & Gender Class arranged by John Balsom. I was very interested by their continuous questions and responses. Thank you very much John Balsom, Professor Amri and Charles Pesola, for creating a new experience for me in my life. Actually, I am not very good at speaking the American English, they listen very carefully when I am trying to speak. I was very motivated as they tried very hard to understand and listened carefully.

Charles Pesola, the owner of Moonlighting Detective Agency and member of the Montana Board of Security, has put me in touch with the subjects in which I want to learn more about. Charles is actually (12) years younger than me but I am like a student when I meet with him. I will never forget the Kalispell experience which will bring about new ideas and opinions for my company. I hope I can do something for the people that provides training and better jobs like helping connect companies with qualified employees. Reducing gaps between the skilled and unskilled laborer is a heavy job for our developing country. I would like to work on solving these problems, having discussions, and work on the difficulties. It is easily solved in America but still a struggle in Asia. I believe it can roll over into the future by looking for the solution. The enthusiasm of Dr. Barbara’s entertainment was a very wonderful gift for me. Having her attend my speech at the Flathead Valley Community College was very nice. I am over the age of (40), so I did not think that I needed more education. I have a Degree in Diplomatic Studies and a Masters Degree. However, Kalispell has transformed my thoughts. I know that I have to learn more of the English language and practice speaking it, so that I can share my experiences. I know that the experiences from the world exploit Myanmar as well. So, Kalispell Montana has caused me to hunger for more knowledge. I am very thankful to all of the people who arranged this program for me. Pro Fellow programs which coincide with my interests and all of the people that took care of me as a family member are the pieces to this successful program. I believe and see with my eyes and keep in my heart the deepest thoughts about Kalispell Montana. This gave me a wonderful surprise and a great impression. So, I will be back to Kalispell Montana.

Thank you for your visit and reading this blog.


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