Simplest thing in Montana also made great impression

Each day during the Economic Empowerment Fellowship Program in Montana, I always have found something interesting from the people, the culture and as well as the landscapes of the United States.

From a simplest things of life in Montana also left me a great impression. This afternoon is an good example, I and my Fellowship Co-ordinator, Mr. Jeff Tiberi had a fantastic trip to Yellowstone national park and we returned to Helena quite early. Jeff told me:

– By the way, we go to check the tree leaves to fertilizing our garden.

Of course, I would love this work as when was young, and I used to get tree leaves home for cooking. Jeff told me, last year’s fall, when passed by this house, he found some bags of leaves, which supposed to be discarded. He asked to get that leaves home and said to the landlord to keep the leaves for him next year also.

Jeff took me to the house, which was not far from the Capitol building and rang the bell. An over 60-years-old man opened the door. Jeff said that he came to check whether the leaves are kept.

The man took us into the garage. There was many big, black nylon bags filled with tree leaves. The smell of the leaves was very pleasant like herbs. But our car just can put in two bags. The man said to Jeff, he can bring the rest all to our house. Then together, we uploaded all bags on his truck and he carefully covered the net on it to prevent of falling down bag caused to accident.

Then, the man came in to his house, returned with a small notebook and pen for Jeff to write down our address, what is in Helena’s suburb, 10 miles away from Helena downtown.

– When the man will send tree leaves to us? I asked Jeff.

– I do not know. Jeff replied.

I and Jeff then went to the car wash station to clean the dust from the Yellowstone trip. This was my first time using automatic car wash services in the United States.

When we got home, no one were there, but surprisingly, all the bag with tree leaves was placed in the garden. It made me so excited about the commitment, carefulness and high responsibility of the Americans.


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