Vietnam Month

Dear all,

We departured from Missoula to Kalispell in the afternoon on 13 Oct, 2014, After having lunch at the Asian Food Restuarant Mustard Seed. On the way to Kalispell town it was greate trip becuase I saw the snow on the top of mountain. Our trip took about three houres from Missoula to Kalispell. I cooked the fish soup and we had a small dinner together with Mr. Joe and his wife.

On tuesday morning, we discussed about the activities during two weeks at the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce and arranging the meeting with business people. I had an opportunity to visit the History of Meuseum of Kalispell. It was interesting about the Kalispell economic development from the past to the mordern development. At same time, I also met the handicraft group at the building and the handicraft group focus on the handmade products which is explain the culture and art. I aked the leader group why you are here, she said that we were together here because we could share the ideas on how to improve the products. They can generate income and they are also making the product for their son and daugthers. For this activity it was me impressed.

On thusday, we went to visit the Flathead Valley Community College and We had lunch at the culinary institute of montana hat provides the training program for students on the practice on how to cooking and provide services to the customers before applying the job and working with the hotel, restuarant and run business they need to certify the quality and everning we was invited at the Alummi Party.

Tomorrow I will go the the montana grizzly football game in Missoula. Sunday I will attend a US congress political debate at the community college. I will attend two Chamber business events next week. First is the agribusiness luncheon. Second is the timber tour.

That’ s my blog.


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