Friendship & Development

By: Thanda Khin : Economic Empowerment Program Fellow from Myanmar

When human beings and alien met, which side will you stand on?

If we think that we all are mankind, there is no country, no race among us. Once we met Asian people, we feel that they are our relatives. Now, when I arrived USA and stay with US family, I also feel that we are the same, we are family.

The Economic Empowerment Fellowship Program is a fantastic one that makes me feel that kind of thought. This program gives us mutual understanding and friendship. If we keep this relationships generation by generation, it will be the best.

As politics and economics are always connected, friendship and cooperation will be a linkage for economic development. Not only study on the topics about American Cultural Values, introduction to business planning & U.S. systems, business financials and marketing and etc, but also meeting with Missoula Mayor John Engen shows us how US citizens are friendly and smart. His explanation on economic development plans and strategies are also very useful for the developing countries like us.

Without plan, there will be no success. A project manager for Mansfield Center, Kelsey’s explanations on fellowship goals and action plans make the program more effective.

Moreover, my fellowship coordinator, Mr. Jim Molloy, Senior Advisor for Governor Steve Bullock explained about 12 key industry networks for main street Montana Project and it is very useful. At the same time, Mr. John C. Rogers, Chief Business Development Officer for Governor’s Office of Economic Development welcomed us and told about his office’s work and how Montana economic is running. Their sharing knowledge is very good and it accelerates my enthusiasm on my country development.

Furthermore, Mr. Jeff Tiberi, Policy Director for Montana Association of Conservation Districts, introduced us with Mr. Brian Smith, Managing Partner of Blackfoot River Brewing Company and it learnt that how it was running. We also has a chance to visit the Reeder’s Alley which is a very interesting place and how ancient Americans lived and kept trying for development.

Without friendship and network, economy will not be completely successful. Therefore, the friendship, network, cooperation and knowledge learnt from this program will be the key for our countries development.


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