Finding peace in Cambodia

From the temples of the gods in Angkor to the fields of death and hatred that is Choeung Ek, Cambodia is a land of contrasts that has stretched me to see my self and our common humanity in a new way.​Hindu and Buddhist gods stand side by side. The language, food, clothing, architecture and customs are all wonderful blends of many different influences coming together in a unique way to delight visitors. ​And everywhere I went, the people greeted me with such warmth and extravagant welcome. The​

have risen out of a horrific genocide to fully embrace their present. They are committed to a future where most everyone wants to play a part in shaping a better country and a better life. Along the way, they are hungry to learn what they can from those they meet and abundantly proud to show off this beautiful land, both its flaws and its jewels. Instead of grumbling about the state of things, the people I met here are anxious to play a part in making change.​ They are concerned about the violence they see in the world​ and want to know how they can make an impact. While in Cambodia, I talked about resolving conflict and making peace. The truth is the people of Cambodia have been a great lesson to all of us about rising out of pain and violence to fully live in a present they are helping to shape and to face the future with warmth, resourcefulness

​, celebration​
and pride.​ I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to spend some time getting to know this beautiful land and its people.​


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