SWE ZIN LE, Myanmar, Professional Fellow of Economic Empowerment Program 2014

Mingalar Bah! (Hello)

It has been exactly 4 weeks with EEP program. In other word, today is the last day of our fellowship in Montana and I am really honored to write the last blog for Spring 2014 EEP.

For the past days, right after the home stay and fellowship at Kalispell, we had been sharing among each other at classes on our experiences during the fellowship period. I have noticed that everyone has made the great bonding with their host families and fellowship coordinators like I did. With the leadership of Deena, we also had the chance to review our goals and achievements from this program.

Before I came to US, I have set the goals that I expected to achieve from Economic Empowerment Program. After four weeks of fellowship and intensive classes, not only I have reached my expectation but also gained both professional achievement and personal achievement.

Professional Achievement: The intensive classes during the program have partly played the important role. The subjects we have covered were mostly applicable in our fields as well as the lecturers are professional and patient to all our questions. Not to forget the fellowship periods which practically gave me the wider ideas of business culture through visiting US Businesses and attending Commerce Meetings. By networking with professionals during the Meetings and Seminars, I have gained knowledge as well as new networks or new ideas. Being represented as professional fellow at US public schools has also enhanced my awareness on education system.

Personal Achievement: This program has added the new flavor of my life. Not only having the great friendships with ASEAN fellows but also having valuable bonding with the professionals from Mansfield Center, host parents and fellow coordinator. Each of them has directly or indirectly inspired me to work harder and smarter. They have also allowed me to see the beautiful culture and importance of the family life. Being surrounded by the encouraging people like them, my self-confidence has gone up to the next level. With this self-improvement I achieved, I am ensured that I will be ready to take the next challenges.

To be concluded, the Economic Empowerment Program certainly is the great guidance in reaching out to our goals and boosting our knowledge. Thus, thanks to the EEP, my first empty cup has finally full and getting ready to take new cups to be filled all the way!

And we will definitely be missing Montana and the amazing people!

Kyay Zu Tin Bah Dal! (Thank you)


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