Life still needs learning all the times (part 2)

Arunee Namamuti, Thailand
Economic Empowerment Program 2014
Title: Life still needs learning all the times (part 2)

This is my 2nd time to write the blog. But I would like to keep the title as “ Life still needs learning all the times”, Yes! It’s really true.
Time has gone very fast!. I have already spent more than three weeks in Missoula City to learn a lot of things. I have got a great Foster Family to stay with as well as a good Professional Fellow to work with. One of the most impression for me was my foster parents arranged a “Dessert Party” to cerebrate my birthday on 13th May 2014 at our club house and some of my friends, foster families and, of course, Kelsy and Deena were invited to join that party. It made me impressed and happy because now I am so far my family & persons who I love. Even it was a party but I still have learnt something.
Along these 2 weeks, I have had many chances to meet and participate in different kind of activities. I visit Youth Home ,a big non profit organization, who mostly provides family support services program for children, youth and in Montana. Youth Home works with children of almost any age; from 2 to 18 years old, youth who have special needs, youth who have been identified as needing services and support by a Youth Court Probation Officer. And Youth Home also provide services to family with the parenting practice, counseling and so on. There are many types of services such as (1)Permanency Foster Care which for children who need a temporary, stable Foster Care placement, a long-term Foster Care placement or are moving toward a subsidized adoption. (2) Therapeutic Foster Care which for special needs children who are having both physical, emotional and intellectual problems.(3) Guide Home which for teenager who have had a successful stay at the State’s Youth Correctional Facilities and need a positive transition back into their community. (4)Adoption which for families who want to adopt the children. The services include background check and sometime birth mother counseling. (5) Youth Home has been helping crisis for nearly 40 years. Homes and shelters care have been provided to hundreds of children each years. Youth Home has offices in Missoula, Polson, Kalispell, Hamilton and Helena.
On 16th May, I went to visit “Mountain Home” ,a non- Profit Organization located in Missoula, provides a 7 bedroom supportive home and 5 permanent supportive apartments. Since opening in 2000 this home has helped more than 500 mothers and children. Supportive Housing requires person who are 16-24 years of age, pregnant with or raising a child, need for supportive housing, being positive about participation in educational classes and other House activities, meanwhile, program Support Apartments require person has completed a residential Life Skills Program and demonstrate stability, pregnant with or raising children, capable of following guidelines and must have secured income in order to pay rent and other basic living costs.
I also have been brought to visit “Intermountain” on 20th May. Intermountain is a residential treatment program for children with the problems include attachment & relationship issues, loss & grief issues, intractable anger, aggression, depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, impulsivity, poor social skills and so on. There are many kind of service programs such as Clinical Services provide development relation treatment approach focuses on meeting needs beneath complex behaviors. Individual, group, milieu and family therapies are also provided. Intermountain also provides accredited academics with all teachers certified, small classroom size with friendly environments and good taking care of counselors. However, while the children are staying in Intermountain, they also are able to enjoy with many recreation activities; outdoor and community activities, skiing, swimming, fishing, camping, canoeing and rafting.
One of the most enjoy activity for me was visiting a Green House &Youth Farm because I had a chance to work on site. I learnt to mix soil for planting as well as planting some Cauliflower, Brocolli and potatoes. It was fun but also tried!!
I had a good opportunity to talk with a representative from United Way to learn what this organization has contributed a huge assistance to communities with the mission “Building a Better Community”. United Way has served Missoula community since 1931 through diverse organizations to serve three big areas which are Education : Children and Youth Achieving their Potential, Income: individual and families becoming financially stable and Health: people leading healthier lives.
Beside of all institutional visits, I have had very good time with my lovely host family. They brought me to see the Farmers Markets on the weekends and also brought me to visit National Bison Range where we could spend our time on riding up to hill and see the wild animals such as bison, elks, deer, birds including native flowers. It was so relax & enjoy!!
It ‘s only two weeks left for the program but I found that there are a lot of things still waiting for me to see and learn. It’s really hard to say “Good Bye” to Missoula. How about you??


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