Exploring American Culture

>> Nguyen Thu Huong, Economic Empowerment Feloowship Program >>
>> Today is the first day of the long weekend in Montana specificially and in the US. generally. Everyone prepare for their own plans, we do too. >>
>> In the morning, I and my host family go to Garage Sale, one of the unique acvities in the US. that each of us should experience once. At first, we read the advertisement on the newspaper and look for the address of the house to begin the journey. I found that people here open Garage Sale at home just to meet people, talking and entertaining more than selling the stuffs that they no longer need. Similarly, the buyers also entertain themselve when they can buy a good stuff with a tiny price that they haven’t thought of before coming here. >>
>> After exploring at some garages with a certain good deal, we head to Polson to see the hydro power system of Kerr Dam, Flathead Lake and River, which can generated electricity for 125.000 homes in this area. Up to the site view, we saw the magnificient scenery of the Dam, it is so great. >>
>> We continued the way to Bigfolk to see the Kayak Race Competition, which attrack a lot of people came from different places. This is the first time I can eyewitness people play kayak, it’s so different with boat race in my country. And this is also one of the outdoor actiities quite popular here in Summer. >>
>> Listing all of above activities just because that I would like to thank you my host family, Mike and Mickey, who have given me an opportunity to experience deeply the American culture, lifestyle and people. Everyday I can joint daily activities with them, eating the food they cook and now I like American food already. I also cook Vietnamese food for them to try, I am not a good cook, however, they can apreciated my heart implies. >>
>> The last two weeks are great for me to work with inspiring collegues at the University of Montana that help me a lot in the future to help for disadvantage students in my region. >>
>> The last but not least, I would like to say thank you to Mansfield Center where Deena and Kelsey have done a great work for all of us having this inspiring moments.



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