If I describe what I am spending and feeling about nearly two weeks in White Hall by colors, I will use all seven colors of rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Am I so ambitious ?J

I think that the rainbow is very similar to our mood/ attitude . A rainbow is what we sometimes see in the sky when the sun is shining and it is raining somewhere at the same time. I enjoy many exciting things but I still have some very” quiet moments”. Above all, the color spectrum of rainbow is so vivid and lively as invaluable experiences I am spending.

RED: I reminded me of the interesting workshop I joined in Red Lion hotel, Helena. The speaker is Kivi Leroux Miller, she presented with the topic: Communicating with a Clear, Consistent and Compelling Voice. I learnt many tactics and useful experiences in create communication messages.

Montana’s historic Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa with the red roof is located almost mid-way between Butte and Helena. I learnt and knew about their business/ operation as well as their creativeness in service field.

ORANGE: I know that each color represents many different meanings according to each culture/ country. But in my view, orange symbolizes enthusiasm and refreshment. I remember that it is also color in lifeboat and life jacket…

I would like to give my special thanks to my hosted family: Tom and Tara. Thank to their great arrangement, I discovered the corners of real U.S with the refreshing eyes and mind. Their enthusiasm inspires me a lot, help me overcome tiredness and homesick. Living with their family make me feel about the world with two opposite things: it is very huge and diverse in term of geography but very touching in human’s emotion. We shared many aspects in society/ culture/ custom of two countries with open minded attitude. We shared American food and Vietnamese food in the same table. The tastes are different but the feelings are in common: happy and respectful.

In fact, you are in the strange land, if someone give you a helping hand and sympathetic heart, it means that they give you the life jacket, you feel very safe and warm. I feel like that when being here.

The orange also reminds me of White Hall Rotary club. The helping and voluntary spirit are proved persuasively through the club’s mission and actions in community. All activities are based on voluntary contributions. The club operates very effectively with strong network. They carry out many supports for community in hygiene issues in highway, health care improvement and provide many scholarships for local students…

YELLOW: Sun shine health mine: Tom, Tara and I seemed entering the wonder land. With the introduction and guide of Ms Shelly Lee, we visited the Radon Health Mine cabins and artisan studio& gift gallery with amazing feelings. I recognized that the success of this business depends on ” think out of box” very much. Besides the Radon therapy, they also focus on additional services: art gallery’s exhibition with many cute handmade things, you can register the workshop to learn how to make ornaments in the family….and enjoy the sighseeing in the Mine property with relaxed feelings…


@BLUE: Soccer games between Whitehall school and Helena school: Blue is the color of Whitehall team: All player are fourth grade students. Although the weather was very windy and pretty cold, I still felt very excited because the game was attractive with high team morale. The result was 2: 2, I guessed that this result made the players, coaches and audiences enjoyable enough.

@ GREEN: Tizer Botanic Garden: The owners are Richard and Belva. They love nature very much. They plant a wide range of flowers and herbs. They also organize many attractive events during the years for visitors and community: nursery opens, volunteers in the garden, Fairy&Wizard festival, a celebration of herbs. They are very active and supportive in the voluntary activity of the county.

I felt very full of energy when talking to them, listening to their business, contributions. It is wonderful when we live and work harmoniously with the nature!

@ INDIGO: The Skype of Montana: open and magnificent like people here.

VIOLET: I keep this color for myself with many secrets and I can not reveal them at this moment J


I don’t list all activities I participated in the fellowship time, but I will continue sharing many interesting stories when I meet my dear fellows in the next week.

Hope to see all very soon!


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