A Different View About Economic Empowerment Program – Part 2

Mr. Ho Duong Dong – VIETNAM. Economic Empowerment Program

Hi Everyone,

So far we have spent two wonderful weeks in Montana, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

In this second blog, I would like to first review the most critical points in the first blog and then share with you more about my thoughts of the Economic Empowerment Program.

As seen in the below picture, there are two taps: One is pouring water in and one is pouring water out of the sink. The critical point in my first blog is cutting off the waste of resource, that is reducing the water out, is more important than increasing the water in.

As long as the waste is under controlled, now think about empowerment. That is how our wonderful program named, “Economic Empowerment”.

Many organizations must become larger if they are to remain economic. It is even much better if they know how to empower their business, how to marketing their products and services, how to use social media to widespread information, how to write an efficient business plan to attract more customer, etc.

My question is: “Empowerment is like pouring water in the sink. Do you like to fill up the sink with just one tap or you prefer many taps?”

Many taps will fill up the sink faster than one! Networking – the art of building relationship – is an important skill for people at all level and in all job roles. The Economic Empowerment Program and the fellowship host program are the vivid examples of how a strong networking impacts significantly on expanding economic opportunity to broader society, to raise incomes and reducing poverty.

The rich has strong networking, the poor is not. The developed countries have more efficient networking of organizations, companies, clubs, etc. than the developing countries.

Ok, guys… I am not going to talk much about it, since you all know networking more than me. 😉

But the point is: “How to build a strong network?’ The best way, based on what I learn from the program, is to respect others and to gain the respect from others.

And, how many alumni traveling back home and then no more contact to foreign fellows as well as their country fellows?

Being eager to learn is good. Being eager to apply what you learnt is even better”.

Hope you would put one or few ideas from thousands of great ideas coming into mind from the last two weeks into your wonderful Action Plan.

Thank you for reading! 😉


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