A wonderful time in Livingston

By: Yaowalak Srikhampha Economic Empowerment Program


I knew a little bit about Livingston before I came. It a wonderful place with a lot of natural resources and a lot of good friendly people. I live with a host family in Livingston in a family of Mark and Caroline. They have a son names Zach. Mark is a good person who very concerns about developmental issues especially on sustainable development, agriculture and food security. He is a farmer who has a lot of ideas, knowledge and experiences about organic farming and food processing. He works on farming not only to support his family but it has multiple benefits to the community. He is opened and he shares a lot of experience and knowledge to other people. Mark and his wife Caroline are very nice to us and they take care us as their family members. We learned a lot from their cultures at home and how they treat their son. Their son names Zach is a super boy. He is a very smart boy, a very nice person and he knows what to do and he is responsible for himself.

I got a boat trip along the Yellowstone river for hunting mushroom. It is a rare mushroom called Morel and it is difficult to find them because it grows only in early spring. In some places, it takes 4-5 years to see them. I am very happy to find them and feel like I am lucky to get about 2 Kilograms. For this kind of mushroom we can dry and keep it for long time. I appreciate the ecological system at the Yellowstone river; there are fish, animals, birds and trees – this is amazing!

I visited to Yellowstone National Park. It was so amazing to see the hot water come out from the earth (Geyser) I never see this before. The process of Geyser is so complex and very interesting to know how they happened. Do you know how do geysers become geysers? What makes them erupt? Why are geysers so unique that they are only found in a few locations worldwide? Please see my link to this video about geyser at the Yellowstone National Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep0pxe1gz9Q

At the Yellowstone National Park, I saw a lot of animals along the way to the national park and also inside the park. I saw about more than ten varieties of animals and birds such as about 40 bisons, more than 100 deers, 5 pronghorns, 3 bighorn sheeps, 1 coyote, about 20 elks, and other birds like about 30 gooses, 5 ravens and few ducks. I was introduced by a guide that some animal can attack us and we should stay far all those animal especially bison and grizzly bear at least 100 feet from them. It is my first time to see snow and it makes very excited. I saw almost everywhere in white color because of snow, also the Yellowstone lake gets freeze and it is very cold by standing near the lake. I tough snow and I played with it happily. I learned from the management of the national park, they have convenience place for tourist to visit and they have good road and parking places. They keep everything naturally and do very little change to the nature. There are not many kinds of trees in the park compared to my hometown but people here protect it very well and they respect the value of it.

I learned from the people here about natural resource conservation and protection. I learnt about the family brewery business on the work process, marketing and delivering. I learnt about the cultures and what the Americans family lives at home, how they work, how they communicate each other and how they treat their children. I hope to learn more and every learning has impacted me a lot.


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