Travel to Helena for host family

My name Ms. Soutsada from Laos.

I was the very inspired when arrived in Montana, is it very beautiful place.

I have responsible for the blog post today on 12 May with the ” Travel to Helena for host family”: all the place in Montana is very interesting,

We are leaving Holiday Inn at 2:00 PM to travel Helena. During time in the car Heather professional fellowship explain to us of the general of Helena. Helena is center of Montana is it small town the population is about 25,000 people. And we are also discussion about activities plan for two week we will go for visit such:

· Business Resources Division (Business resources team)

· Meet with Radley Elementary

· Meet with Made in Montana program

· Meet with Alternative Energy Resource Association

· Meet with Tourism Office agriculture

· Meet with Tourism Office –agritourism

· Meet Department of Agriculture program

· Meet with Radley Elementary

· Meet with Montana Business Assistance Center

· Depart for west Yellowstone

We are arrived the Marysville, host family at 5:30PM, the village is very interesting they establish about 150 year ago, number of household is 20hh, population is 50 people, the village very nice around the village is mountain. The key occupation they are working with the government, do business and animals farm.

The host family her name Cheri and Dan Beadle her husband, they have two children, daughter Nadine and Son Levi they have three dogs, they have 8 chicken and small garden in the house. We have been dinner together, walk on the mountain and presentation of the both family from LAOS and also we sharing information of the culture and the lastly we make plan together for the day by day. We will continue the program for two week in Helena closely the Heather professional fellowship.

Today on 13 May We have meeting with the Business resources team the 10 people including Heather professional fellowship to attend in the meeting we shear of our work and challenging of the work and after that we when to visit the elementary school we have been present of our project. the student they have so many question excited such as:

· How do you come here?

· What kind of animals are you having in your country?

· How many boy go to school?

· How did you build your house?

· What kind of job re you doing?

· Do you have a pet?

· How do you decollete your jelly?

and the afternoon we will update plan to continue for two week with Heather professional fellowship.


Soutsada Chanthasiri


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