Impression with american’s Tribal in Montana

Mrs Vansy Senyavong, from Laos, Fellow of Economic Empowerment program in Montana

The Economic Empowerment exchange program in USA, Montana State is one of my best practical. We had a great time every day in this program. I got a very impression the way of the American’s Tribes in Montana .
We had a trip to visited the Confederated SALISH and KOOTENAI Tribes.

It was amazing me when I had heard about Tribal history from Ms Germain White, Information and Education Specialist Natural Resources Department. It show me that the Tribal in Montana has a strong community to reserve their traditional way of living.

Mostly the people from the tribal are implementing these program which is get a good support from Montana State such as:
– WILDLAND RECREATION is to protect recreational and subsistence resources of the Flathead Indian Reservation through conservation and the appropriate development, and use of those resources.
– Information and Education is to educate and inform the public about tribal fish, wildlife and recreation the resources, philosophies, goals, regulation and public awareness of and involvement in Tribal fish, wildlife, recreation and conservation activities and program.
– Conservation program is enforce Tribal hunting, fishing and recreation laws; educate the public and encourage compliance with all tribal regulation.
– Wildlife management program is to protect, restore, enhance, and manage terrestrial wildlife species and habitats to provide for viable populations of all species on the reservation for use by present and future generation.
– Fisheries program is to restore, foster and maintain wild, self-sustaining fish populations to meet cultural, subsistence, and recreational need.

Beside of these program there are many deference grant fund to support the tribal running their own business.
And the other hand I have impression to Mr Jone Matt forest development program manager, what he has done for community to keep the good future for a young generation to reserve the plantation.

These are good example from Montana which I will bring back to Lao for our program practice.


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