Coloring the new page

Nguyen Thu Huong, Professional Fellow in Economic Empowerment Exchange Program

It is the seventh day we arrive Montana, it is neither long nor too short for us to feel the taste of this land.

Today will promise a wonderful day, staring by departing to Gracier National Park, which is the center of one of the largest and most intact ecosystems in North America and belongs to International Peace Park World Heritage Site, co-managed by Canada and The United State.

We arrived the Park in early afternoon and accessed at the West Glacier to Apgar Center. From here we can have a wonderful sight of mountain chain covered by snow staying behind the lovely lake, Lake McDonald that both surprise and familiar with us knowning as McDonald burgers. We all very excited with the beautiful scenery, many of us engaged in the nature with full of magnificent photos.

After enjoying sight-seeing, we discussed and decided we would divide into two groups, ten of us joining group one, hiking the trails on foot to Rocky mountain and four others taking on the car to experience from inside. I did make the right decision when joining the second group that I can see the park along providing scenic views of Glacier National Park’s landscape and iconic wildlife right from the road. I am so impressive with the ecotourism and management of the park which adapt with each of the wildlife animals such as deer, goats and grizzly bears.

After finishing the tour, we joint together to share the impressions of each of us about the Park that include the comparisions and lessons learned.

It allows me to have the second opportunity to say Happy Birthday to Yaowalak!!! Today she so appreciated when Kelsey and the group did warmly celebrate her birthday at Tien’s Place, which is the restaurant run by a Vietnamese American. He left Vietnam by boat in the movement of illegal migration in 1980s. Luckily, he was adopted by an America when he was 14 in a refugee camp in Malaysia. He has tried all his best to survive and now he quite succeed here in Montana.

I also would like to thank you Kelsey and Chris have been a wonderful drivers and guide! You did so great and it is a hard working day for you!!!

We are looking forward to open a new page full of colors here in the days to come


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