Break the ice

Tran Thi Kim Dung- Vietnam. Professional Fellow in Economic Empowerment Program

I was going to start the blog post today with the ” big guy”: Is the world flat? However, remembering all sessions during the day, I wondered what the interesting things made me fall in love with Missoula and Montana University in the early days of the program? Is it very small thing making ”the world” in my view become flatter?

Actually, up to now, many thing inspired me with some big curiosities and passion. After the ice breaking stage, seeing a ” skipping stone” of Dr. Suzy Hampton, learning many interesting topics, I recognized that the important thing connecting people together is open – mindedness. We respect together, learn together and share many different perspectives to have common voice, foster the mutual understandings and friendship.

” A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open” – Frank Zappa. What do you think about this quote? To me, I strongly agree with it.

Today, we listened to a series of the lectures on Gender and Economics, U.S. Business Communication and progression of ecomic development, and raised many interesting questions to discover issues in many aspects.

However I thought that we can not touch the root of the issues without beginning from the small steps in thought, perception and practices.

How we can contribute to raise awareness on gender equality for our community with the stereotypes such as: Men should be the final decision maker in the family…

How we can manage in the international business communication with the thought: She or he is weird to behave like that without considering culture, context and interaction…
How we can contribute to GDP increase without caring of turning off the light before leaving home…

I believe that when we ”break” the small ices as barriers in our mind and heart, and ”appreciate” small meaningful behaviors in daily life, we will find out the happiness and core values in what we are pursuing and contribute to .

The day continues and the new horizons are waiting for ourselves to fulfill and paint…


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