A Different View about Economic Empowerment Program and When It Starts

Mr. Ho Duong Dong – VIETNAM. Economic Empowerment Program.

Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to be the first one who starts this wonderful blog post. The blog is one of the best ways for us to sincerely express our thoughts about the program. I would like to begin by raising two questions:

1) It should be “Economic Empowerment Program” or “Empowerment Economic Program”?

2) When doest it start?

They seems to be “stupid” questions since everyone knows exactly the program’s title and starting date, doesn’t it?

However, let’s review together about the definition of “Economic”. Economic is defined as “justified in terms of profitability” (www.google.com). In my point of view, doing something economic means achieving our goals, targets with less use of resources as possible. The resources could be in term of time, energy, money, people, etc.

Our program objects are clearly stated as “expanding economic opportunity to broader society, to raise income and reducing poverty”. As we will learn through five-weeks program how to write a business plan, an action plan, an effective funding proposal, how to marketing, how to use social media, how to build a business networking, etc. But what does that mean if we do not “economic” use of our resources in daily activity? What does that mean if we do not save water, electricity, paper, food, time, our money, others money. etc.? And then how come we can reduce poverty?

Everyone knows that one of the huge problems for developing countries is continuously wasting our resources. In industrial manufacturing point of view, it is trying to increase the factory’s capacity while increasing the waste at the same time. The developed countries, like Japan, invented well-known methods such as 5S, Kaizen to cut-off the waste to the minimum. The waste is considered as idle time, idle machine, bottle-neck production, inefficiency material movement, large inventory, etc. Only when the waste is under controlled, they now think about how to get more customers, how to better marketing their products and services, etc.

I consider this program as “Economic Empowerment” as “economic” goes first and “empowerment” second. On the other hand, the focus is on “inside” myself: how to train my thinking, my attitude about saving resources, rather than “outside”: how to be trained about marketing, network business, etc.

The second question is when the program starts. “It starts on May, 3rd for sure”, you may answer with a smile on your face, do you? In my point of view, it starts when I realize that economic is more important than empowerment. Many organizations must become larger if they are to remain economic. It seems a very simple rule. But it is quite difficult for all of us when it comes to the situation that we have a change to spend others money. Should we spend that amount of money as economic as our money? If your answer is “Yes” and that is the point the program starts…

It is our first week in beautiful Missoula city and I know all of us are exhausted with jetlag, climate change, food, etc. So, I would like to say thank you for your thoroughly reading and have a wonderful time ahead.


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