It is so hard to say good bye!

Posted by NONG Thi Ngoc – Vietnam)

It is always hard to good bye anyone who has brought a lot of good things for you. It happens to us too.

We have been together in 5 weeks during fellow program with so many good memories. But today or tomorrow is last day in our program. What do you feel now? I feel very sad!

Before coming to US I had very stressful time at work, family and my own business. It was long time I did not have time for myself to relax or even preparing for this trip. I was always tired, no energy and no smiling. I feel my life was to terrible and want to disappear out of this world. I am a noisy and opener person but I was not like that in long time. Coming to US. I did not know what was waiting for me. Just came as a chance to come!

But day by day It has changed my life. I feel open my heart and friendly with almost strangers I met in US, even members in my team. The peaceful and beautiful landscape of Montana made my heart feel calm down. Sometimes sat in the car I kept quieted to enjoy sightseeings with colorful trees and villages on the way and think about my life. Why it was so bad? what is the value of my life? what is the most important things for my life? what can I do for my people to help them have better life?

I brought these questions to ask American people to know what they are thinking. I hoped I could find the answers through their stories and experiences. I know American and our people are different but we are the same as human so values of life must be similar! People whose I met sometimes were business people, or farmers, governance officers, social workers, etc. Sometimes I did not ask them, just observed to understand about their life and compare with my life and my people. Many people thought that US is capitalism country so the value of them must be money but in the fact, people here taught me: money is important but it is not the most important. Without money you can not do anything but many thing you can do without money! The value of life is how you can help other people have better life condition! Now I understand why many people I had met in US they have spending many time for volunteer activities and contribute money for different fund, grant. That makes US become dream for almost people in the world!

Many things I have learn during 5 weeks. It is long story and I don’t know how to share with you. Sometimes it only is feeling that I can not use any word to talk. Let listen and feel it by your heart!

However now I feel much better. I wake up. I comeback with my personality as a happy, open, friendly young lady. I am willing to help other people and enjoy my life. There are many ideas are in my mind. Many plans have been increasing so far and need to become true. Energy comes back. No time for stupid things!

I want to thanks American people I have met. Thanks my friends as a member of Professor Fellows who I have spent long time with or we only met for some last days, who I even can not remember your face. Spending time with you is very exciting and wonderful to me. Your stories, experiences, expectations, hopefuls even challenges are my lessons learn.

We are from different countries but we are having the same dream to make a better world. We are member of one family with natural mother and WE ARE THE CHAMPION!

I hope you always healthy, success and never give up your dreams!

Hope to see you again!

(P/S: it is not my turn to write blog but I need to share my feeling. The last day in the place (country) you have spent long time always make you feel attachment)

NONG Thi Ngoc – Viet Nam
Email: ngoc3pad or ngocbi824


One response to “It is so hard to say good bye!

  1. What a beautiful blog!! It was such a joy to meet you and the other 9 Fellows! I especially like your description of sitting quietly and enjoying the beauty of Montana while thinking of your life! I too often find myself doing this! Being grateful for all the good in your life and helping others who are in need is what life is all about. You will bring great knowledge and skills back to your community, along with a renewed spirit! Until we meet again! Beth, Mansfield Center Budget Director

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