A day full of art and cultural activities

Our group has spent the morning of today for action planning and personal appointments. The Afternoon was an exciting discussion on marketing strategy using social websites. Dr. Jakki Mohr from the School of business Administration, UM has guided us through various marketing strategies and facilitated an useful discussion to address real concerns from group members. Everybody was excited to talk about what and how to improve their businesses in the light of new learning.

The evening was full of cultural activities. We spent more than 2 hours to walk and visit four art galleries and local museums in Missoula downtown. Mr. Ray Risho was so kind to walk us aroung ad explained to us many art schools and the beauty of the artworks in the places we visited. Today evening the downtown of Missoula was so busy with thousand people participating in cultural activities and art shows. We gained better understanding about the life style of Missourian in particular, and of the US people in general. Everything is so well organized and people are so kind to one another and to all of us. What a lovely and unforgettable night in Missoula!


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