Work and culture in the US

Work and culture in the US

By: THENG Pagnathun

All EEP participants has brought back with great results from two weeks home stay with American family. The main cause of these results because we all from five countries and working in difference sector has linked our experience with implementation in the US. This week we all EEP participants are back from home stay and continue program at Missoula until 3rd November 2013. Beside what we have learned from previous weeks, I am still appreciate and gain more knowledge from what has attended during this week as following:

– clear view in develop our coming action plan after the program, and way to prepare clear proposal,

– history of policies and economic development,

– how to help people through food bank, and

– marketing strategies.

Actually, above mentioned program are useful for us to learn but what we have attended beside are Missoula Economic Partnership (MEP) Annual Board Meeting and Halloween celebration.

For MEP Annual Board Meeting has brought together between government and investors and civil society under leadership of governor, and presided over by governor with direction for economic development. From what we have learned in Economic Development, the MEP Annual Board Meeting is the main part of evaluation which identifies: achievements, challenges, and what going to do next. During the meeting, governor has provided broad view of economic development on Montana, especially, strategy for encouraging private sector not only in Montana alone but from outside Montana to participate in economic development. And also governor has identified priority sectors or urgent needs in Montana to the meeting.

Furthermore, investors were raised their concerned and need stronger support from government to improve investment since policy in some sectors was not cleared.

Moving to Halloween celebration was so excited and meaning full for us to see real American society. I have observed that American people were prepared a bit long before Halloween such as home decoration, and pumpkins. Luckily, last night all EEP participants were went out with local family to celebrate this meaning full event, and myself and colleague from Myanmar jointed with one family located at Mountain.

During celebration, we so excited so see parents bring small kids with lovely decorations to get into home to get many kind of candy. And both of recipient family, and kids with family were enjoyed under cold weather.

To conclude, the program has brought us more knowledge not only from theory but also from real implementation in American society in economic development. And also has provided us an opportunity to build relationship with people, and see relation among people with people since starting from kid.

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