Memorable Moment with my host family and fellowship coordinator !

by: Cho Thiri Maung, Myanmar

Today is the last day together with my host family and my fellowship coordinator. I felt so sad to say goodbye to my host family. They were so gracious and provided me with many memorable moments. Within two weeks, I stayed with two host families, Larry and Dorothy and David and Diane, and coordinate with Liz, my fellowship partner. I have gained the abundance of knowledge about Montana through some visits and business meetings, and deepened my understanding of the businesses in Montana.

During the period of home stay and fellowship, I got a chance to meet some businesses like Black Mountain Software, First Interstate Bank (Polson), Power House Kerr Dam, Gasless Power, Navigator Travel, Flathead Travel, North West Hospital (Whitefish), Whitefish Mountain Resort, North Western Energy, some community associations like Rotary Club, Lake Country Community Development Center, Montana West Economic Development, and some community Centers like Mission Valley Aquatic Center, Polson community library, and Whitefish Performing Arts Center. In doing so, I could deepen my knowledge of Montana by experiencing the true images of the country. Again, I also have had a chance to attend the startup weekend in Bozeman which was a unique opportunity of integrative learning experience.

So, I am assure that the whole home stay and fellowship program gave me the broadest understanding of Montana in the shortest time. This was also a unique opportunity and a good combination of providing hands-on experience which I could meet with private and non-profit organizations at the same time learn the culture and nature of host community.

Finally, I would like to convey my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Elizabeth Marchi, Mr. Larry Ashcraft and Ms. Dorothy Ashcraft and Mr. David Smith & Ms. Diane Smith for facilitating and hosting home stay and fellowship. Indeed, I have learned how to improve operational standard in achieving higher capability and competency in my workplace and also how to promote and manage startup businesses in our country. I also got the opportunities of sharing experiences, and building network and relationship with businesses in Montana.

This is such an awesome experience !!!


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