Great day! Wonderful day! Excellent day!

Great day! Wonderful day! Excellent day!

I do not know how to find the correct word to talk about today because our team had a unforgettable day.

The first part of the morning we shared action plan to each other. Time was not enough to share all learn lessons that we have learn so far but each of us have our own expectation to bring valuable experiences from US to adapt in our country. Through sharing ideas, stories I know all our team have learn a lot. Each of us really want to do some things to change current situation for better development, like: Set up a network for ethnic people not only in a small community but connect to nation and international; Help farmer to adapt GAP to raise organic vegetable; transfer economic knowledge of US to Vietnam, v/v These are seem very simple ideas but serious and need for our country. I hope everyone can make our dream become true, of course we need help from our US friends.
The second part in the morning was History and Current Politics of Development Planning. The young and handsome Dr. Abhiskeck Chatterjee introduced us an impression presentation about Development Planing Polices of US and other countries. It was open and flexibility to discuss and share about knowledge between Dr. Abhiskeck and each of us about enterprise development policies and differences. All of us did not feel tired or sleepy at all.

Afternoon was lesson in Food Bank Center. Connecting with what I have known about some stogies before, American people have volunteerism culture. Each person can spend some hours per week to volunteer. Their contribution is even small but one month this Center has more than thousand people come and do volunteer job. This support can make big change and help many other people have better life. Nobody can say no with people need help! Our team spent few time to contribute our motivation to help them delivery some food. This activity make all of us feel very happy. Anyone have idea to set up a Food Bank in your country?

And…..the last memory of today was dinner. We must thanks Mr Risho and Mrs Susie had provided us wonderful foods and many exciting stories about Halloween, their gifts in their house. They has spent all day to prepare the dinner for us, special guests from Asia. Wow…… many delicious foods made everyone feel as home and comfortable. The dinner was warm and happy. I am sorry because I don’t know how to explain about our pleasure for dinner to night. Just one word is wonderful.


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