Do you knows What the buyer thinks when they go to trade show!

Sa Bai Dee again my friend and my family in Missoula.
Yesterday , I have to leave my home and family in Helena. Hope i can see them again someday 🙂
Today i want to share with you bout what i have learnt last week with my perfect mom Lonie Stimac.
Do you knows What the buyer thinks when they go to trade show!
Last week i have been visited Sole sister in Helena, it is the most sparking and attractive shop in here, the shop is next to Toi Thai restaurant. When i walked in to the shop. It all grey tone , smell good, the light is warm for my eye, and the wall is very attractive with the Art work, so i just a head to that wall and stop there for a few minutes, then i look drown on the table, there are a lot nice product there, and then i keep going to the next one and keep going to the next one, then i realize that i was i the shop more than 20 minutes, I was feeling like i get lose in this shop and can not find the way out, and it was not just me i saw three people stay longer than me, I hope that I can make the Saoban shop in Laos become the place that people get lost here 🙂 , then I met the owner both two sisters In their office. And i learn from them a lot like:
1. If Saoban Plans to have booth in trade show what are the things that Saoban should do and don’t :
-Saoban should have the right product: not too many choices, not too many sizes, Not too different price.
– Saoban should display clearly : the buyer can see the size, can feel the product ( No package), Booth can tell the story in 10 seconds ( have some photo , some material), display nicely and feel safe ( not put too many , not fall easily, not break easily, not too high or too low ), display the similar products and same price or similar price together. All items should have price tag.
– Saoban staffs : should have enough people to take care buyer, should not waste your time and buyer time, the order system should be simple and fast. And make it flow ( each product to display should have the code, so the buyer can take that code for ordering without moving the sample on the display ), have order sheet and take an order fast (the buyer do not like the hand writing and they also do not want too complicated). The staff in the booth should not on the phone ( it is very rude, and many Buyer will not stop by your booth, However your product is nice).
– Saoban should make an clear payment policy, should find out the simple way that the buyer feel comfortable with ( each country have different payment , so we should be prepared , many of the buyer change their mind not to order, however the order from have been placed), many of the buyer they prefer to choose and want to feel independent ( it means the Buyer do not like the company that have a strict rule on number of pieces for minimum order, many of them want to have one to try, they happy with the minimum order by amount ).
This is the lesson learn that i can not find it in Laos. I met real client , real people, and this is what i learn. Hope this information can get you some ideas for your work.
Chok Dee

Blog by Mr. Saoban
Sa Bai Dee = hello
Chok dee= good luck
Mr. Saoban has 304 moms ,3 dads , one sister Nedin and one truth Brother Levi Long , now become Once Family for Mr. Saoban and he can feel the big heart of people here in Montana to The people in Laos.
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