A Potpourri of new knowledge and insights at Whitefish!

By Thida Thant

After returning from attending the lively Start Up Entrepreneurship event at Bozman, I was on my way to a beautiful ski resort town named Whitefish in Northwest of Montana. Picturesque sights of Whitefish is the land of Whitefish Lake adorned with tall pine trees. One can never get tired of seeing the sights surrounded by mighty mountains. Here, I am accommodated by Ms.Diane Smith who is my host coordinator for the program. Diane is one of the power woman in Montana as she is a lawyer by profession, a dynamic business person in helping to grow many businesses from scratch, and a writer. Her book on TheNewRural.Com shed new lights on how to live life successfully in rural America.

During my stay with Diane, I have had the opportunity to discuss in detail about my own organization and compare and contrast the situations between Montana State and Myanmar. I believe that Diane will be the strategic resource person in guiding me in growing my business organization and other non profit organizations I am related to by giving me sound advice on various issues. This in itself is a priceless reward for me as a participant of the program.

To add more breadth and depth to my understanding of Whitefish, with Diane’s assistance, I was able to visit Montana West Economic Development: a micro business development center which is providing means and tools for businesses in the Flathead Valley/ Glacier Park Region. Then, I was at North Valley hospital which is really like a resort hotel with focus on being the healing center for the community. I was amazed at how far the service to patients is extended in not just healing the patients physically but also mentally to get peace of mind. Next, I was at over 4000 feet above sea level at Whitefish Mountain Resort hotel: a beautiful ski resort with over 80 staff regularly and way over 500 staff at peak season. With a variety of activities for holiday makers, the resort will be re-opening in mid November. On the business front, I had the opportunity to visit a very successful company named Vubiquity : a multiplatform video service provider serving 17 countries and operating out of Montana. This is the very company Diane helped to grow from the start. Today, the company is making large revenue with a lot of highly talented people running the operation.

And, to add more flavors to the existing programs, I had the chance to meet and chat with a former writer of Andrew Harper: an authority on high end travels to the most exotic places on earth. It is aspiring to know that the couple are doing a series of philanthropic works in Whitefish. On the entertainment front, I was able to enjoy the concert performed by Chuck Pyle : a famous country singer who is also a smooth storyteller. Well, this is certainly not the end of my programs in Whitefish yet. In 2 hours time, I will be seeing a live broadcast of a Metropolitan Opera called The Nose!!!


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