StartUp Community with Small Enterprise Program!!!

By: Ty Ratana

Time flied so fast, almost 3 weeks had been gone! But what else I got back from them to instead of??? There are many lessons I had been learned from day by day, while I could not describe it at all. Of course, seems like other participants, these 2 weeks we have to work with Host Coordinator(s) and living with US host family.

In the beginning of last week, I had travelled to Bozeman city to attended Startup weekend Bozeman for 3 days from 18-20 Oct 2013. I was so excited while, there were 2 more participants from the same program they also jointed with me as well. I had been worked in Bozeman almost a week with my new host coordinator. Mrs. Sarah Fitzgerald, she is a Director of Lending from Montana CDC, Bozeman and She will go to Cambodia and work with my Organisation for 2 weeks as well.

I could say, there are 5 programs that I learnt and I thought that, I could apply it in my Organization. So please let me say something about this and I hope that, someone who read this blog also will able to gained more knowledge as well.
1) Small Loan Program
2) Business Advising Program
3) Small Enterprise Businesswomen’s Network
4) Startup weekend for Small Enterprise Business’s Network
5) Market Value Chain
To detail on those program, I would like to talk about it step by step which will get easier for readers to understand it.

The first of all, we have to think about to created Small loan Program. In this term, I had to motivation on our Self Help Group (SHG) to get Small Loan Program from their own group (Internal Lending) or to get extra loan from CRDT (External Lending). In meanwhile, CRDT will advise them on their business plan and simple cash flow projector to them as well. We believed that, after they got all of that knowledge, they would able to do their own small enterprises too. We still cannot go for from them, thus, the Small Enterprise Business’s Network also starting to select some active women whom working on Small Enterprise in our project to create as Network in their region. The Small Enterprise Businesswoman’s Network will establish to form all for small entrepreneur work as a group and they will have chance to shear and learn experience from each other that coordinator by CRDT. After that, the Startup Weekend Program also created as well. These programs we will work more detail to select some of the activist member or group which they has clear business plan, Objective and products… This program will support the best entrepreneurs to make their enterprise more achievement in future. As I have some experiences of Startup weekend from Bozeman and also the member of Startup Alumni. I believe that, I could ask all any information about this event from this group to support me. Last but not least, we will start to work on Market Value Chain Program. I think, it will not much difficulty if we could do such many works before this well. The work will try to make them work closely as well as between producers (Small enterprise businesswoman’s network’s member) with CRDT and other Partners.

Besides that, I also learn about Business Model Canvas, which you can also learn from this link:

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm’s value proposition,
infrastructure, customers, and finances.[1] It assists firms in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs (Business Model Canvas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). This model is so helpful to someone who what to learn detail about the business plan as well as strategy plan before the start to do their business.

It still not enough for me to learn from them, there are many things still keep in my mind and hungry to learn from all professional persons from the next 10 days more.


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