Wonderful time in Whitehall!

2 weeks have gone but I feel as home while I am staying in US.. I have stayed one week in Whitehall with many good memories and learnt value things.

Whitehall is small Town with about three thousand people. There is peaceful with big grass farm and long river run around the town call Jeferson river. The main economic activities here are mine, agriculture and some small other business. It is quit similar with my hometown but the methodology to develop this area is different. In the first week, Mrs Tara and Mr Tom from Jeferson Local Development Corporative (JLDC) who are our coordinators arranged many meetings to give us chances meet and learnt from many people the way they are doing business and contribute for development. I am very excited in economic empowerment in Montana and US is: There are many non profit organizations (NGOs) to help enterprises successful. They are like center for enterprises and other organization come to share their conditions then NGOs will help them to solve their challenges. These NGOs also invest in different activities to growth their benefit that will invest in community like: build new roads, schools, community house etc. These organizations are independent with governance and now they have made great impacts for people in community. During discuss with people I found out that my hometown need such kind of organization to make changing.

Other thing make me surprised is most of people do volunteer work. They can be manager for Farmer market, worker for Liberty Place to take care disadvantage people some our per week or keeper of Community Hall etc and they do not care any thing about benefit for themselves. Only one reason is they happy to do it. That is an important thing to contribute for community development.

I and Mr Lan were lucky to stay with Terry and Wendy as our host family. They provided us very good accommodation. I could cook my Vietnamese food and join some American foods with them as well. Terry and Wendy are kindness, friendly and thoughtful with us. We open to share opinions about life, political, religion, culture, the way to educate children etc to understand more about Vietnamese and American. At the weekend we had chance to join fishing by boat with them. It was so exciting and we all had fun. On Sunday Wendy brought us to Yellow Stone to see wildlife and Old Faithful. It was wonderful day. The second week we move to other family so I am very sad because staying with Terry and Wendy I feel comfortable as home but I hope I will have more experience about American life in a new family. Thank you Terry and Wendy so much. I never forget our good memories during a week with you, especial my birthday with you.

New week starts. I hope all my friend have a nice week and learn more about US and American.


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