Knowledge in Economic Development of Montana

Knowledge in Economic Development ofMontana

1. First, I would like to express my sincere thanks to John family as my host family for warmest welcome me to live with family during two weeks. Actually, during my stay his family feed me as home, so after office hour when John drive me back home I feel like in Cambodia, which recording in my heart. Beside home stay, I also thanks to John and his colleagues for welcoming and introducing me to colleagues and managements at Governor Office (Governor Capitol Building) of Montana.

2. For my 1st week of home stay at Helena, I have learned a lot from characteristic of works at Governor Office of Montana in Economic Development, and beside work during weekend my host family has bought me to National Yellowstone Park, it a great park and environment conservation.

3. Actually, Governor Capitol Building not only for government office for Montana but it also for tourism to visit too. On 15th October 2013 is one day after my arrival for home stay in Helena, John and colleagues has brought me for greeting with Mr. Steve Bullock, governor of Montana. He looks so kind with warmest welcome to me and asks his colleagues to share experiences to me as much as possible, and also during warm welcome we have exchange our view on development and government structure.

4. After greeting with governor, I have spent time with John colleagues for Governor Capitol Building tour which specifically on administration works, managements, and coordination to develop Montana.

5. At the same day, John has drove me to attend the meeting in Bozeman which attended by business, people representatives to meet with government representatives for discussing about their views and needs for developing Bozeman. I have observed that this meeting is good for local stakeholders and people to interact government for considering local need as priorities in development by focusing on work forces, technologies, education, fund to implement projects, schools, infrastructures, transportations, funds for women, and life quality which shows strong implementation of decentralization.

6. And I have attended another two meetings in Billing city which 1st Meeting on Big Sky Economic Development “BSED” 2013 Annual Meeting & Building Success which main success investors and major attended with around 200 participants. I think this annual meeting is good for sharing experiences to people in Asia to learn how investors active in sharing experiences both of successes and challenges which was held annually. And 2nd Meeting is with John and his colleagues, which I have learned a lot about Master Plan of East Billing Urban Renewal District about broad participation and solving problem of people before getting approval for set up master for development in next 15years.

7. Governor office is responsible for economic development in State of Montana, which Office of Economic Development has play very important role in formulating policies and strategies by coordinating with all units and departments surrounding Governor Capitol Building. The Office of Economic Development has strong leadership from governor and especially coordination with all stakeholders since units and departments of various sectors located in one compound.

8. In term of Economic Development Policy has identified it purpose clearly for the state in certain period by focusing about Montana geographical which I would to show few points as following:

A. Strengthen the foundations of the states business environment and diversify and expand exiting economic endeavors to achieve long-term economic stability, and

B. Cooperate with business enterprises, local governments, other public organizations, and the federal government and use all practical means and measures, including financial and technical assistance.

9. Following above policies, the Office of Economic Development has set up action plans to implement policies which participated from Montana governments, private enterprise, federal agencies, and local governments.

10. The main part of policies and strategies is Office of Economic Development has monitored the achievements through regularly report by identify activities in priority sectors which implemented by specific partners and compared with targets (outputs, and outcomes).

11. To conclude, Economic Development is the main part for developing country, so from above experiences has improved my knowledge in some parts economic development at sub-national level in the country. And I do expect that this week will see more roles of budgeting and coordination in project implementations.

12. Once again, thank you to John as the host family and director of Governors Office of Economic Development which provided me very warm welcome at home and office and knowledge. Also thanks to his colleagues at Governors Office of Economic Development who is working so hard with me.



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