A glance of Startup Weekend in Bozeman!

by: Cho Thiri Maung

This weekend, I got a chance to attend the Startup Weekend in Bozeman. Actually, this is an event where developers, designers, entrepreneurs, product managers, students and startup enthusiasts come together to share creative ideas, form teams, build products, and participate in competition. It was a weekend-long, hands-on experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable.

It was started with open session on Friday and attendees brought their creative ideas and inspired others to join their team. I found that there was a good mixture of talented people in each team because half of startup weekend’s attendees have had technical or design backgrounds, the other half have had business backgrounds. Over Saturday and Sunday, teams focused on product development, customer development, validating their ideas, practicing business model canvas and building a viable product and service. This Sunday evening, all the teams presented their product ideas and received valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

Finally, I would say that this startup weekend provided a unique opportunity for students/people to put entrepreneurship principles into practice with an integrative learning experience. Once you are a winner of prizes, you can go on to implement your proposed new venture idea together with mentoring from a partner at Trinity Venture, training from TechChurch, coaching from Greg Gianforte, Jake Cook, Wes Hunt and Doug Warner. So, I am assured that this would be an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience which we can learn a lot.

Thank you for promoting entrepreneurship among people in Montana. This is such an awesome event !


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