” The stranger Puzzle, But perfect matched “

By Mr Saoban (Bandith Ladpakdy)

I have traveled to Helena and met many people , learn with many people. A lot of my question has been answered, the new puzzle and strange puzzle has been matched to my job:

1. Safety stock for my inventory system with Todd.
2. Warning card for make sure to order villagers and get products on time. 3. Coloring each warning card for each season.
4. Hang tags or story tags .
5. Sales pith ,The 3 sentences with 10 seconds to introduce yourself. 6. How to start to introduce your self with other people that you never meet. Post card, email or phone call. Which ways ?
7. Whole sales catalog with Dave. And how to plan to trade show ? Big buyer group for cheaper cost. And strong to make deal with the Big Transportation like FedEx.
8. Art and shop display with Valerie.
9. Inventory system with Base Camp.
10. Lao = Montana

Mr. Saoban
Saoban Manager
Facebook: Saoban
“thanks for your support to keep family with family, enjoying life, and keeping the beautiful lao culture in community for as long as forever” Sent from my heart


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