Special day in my life

By Nong Thi Ngoc, Vietnam

30 minutes to go is my birthday. My birthday is in US… can not image! one again I have to say it is a big chance for my life

It is wonderful to be in White Hall with Tara, Tom and my host family Terry and Wendy. They are very nice people. On the way to White Hall I had a change to play with snow. It is so funny but with people come from Southeast Asia we do not have snow so it was great time to touch snow and play with it. I up my pictures on Facebook, almost my friends said lucky to me. Many of them wish to touch snow one time in their life. I would like to thanks Tom and Tara for bring me to this place.

I had learnt to made pizza that I eat many time in Vietnam but I don’t know how to cook. Terry and Wendy are so nice and love me so much. They not only provide us very good accommodation but also try to make us feel comfortable while staying with them. They know I want to learn to make pizza and they go to market in the first morning to buy materials and show me how to do it.
Now I can do it.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to make spring roll and Vietnamese noodle to invite my best friends here. You know sometimes food culture is the way to connect strange people become close friends. This is change for me to introduce about my cultural, country and people.

Thank you so much Mansfield Center for bring me here.


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